A great distinction for the vast humanitarian work of UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mrs. MARIANNA V. VARDINOYANNIS by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, on Tuesday 9 October 2018.

During a modest ceremony held at the Presidential Palace of Cyprus in Nicosia, in the presence of the Defense Minister of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Savvas Angelides, the undersecretary to the President Mr Vasilis Palmas, government spokesman Mr. Prodromos Prodromou, and top officials of the Cypriot Government, President Anastasiades awarded Mrs. Vardinoyannis the Republic of Cyprus’ “Medal for Exceptional Services” as a token of appreciation and respect for the many years of selfless contribution to Cypriot society on her part.

In his speech, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, described the Medal as “a small token of recognition” of the work of Mrs. Vardinoyannis, about whom he characteristically stated: “Inspired by the qualities of sensitivity and solidarity, as well as the endless reserves of volunteerism, humanity and love that she possesses, she has dedicated herself, body and soul, to supporting those in need, undertaking emblematic initiatives on a national and international level which set her apart as a shining example of altruism and charity that guides our common vision for a better future for society”.

Touched, Mrs. Vardinoyannis thanked the President of the Republic of Cyprus for the great honour, stressing that: “Being awarded the Republic of Cyprus’ “Medal for Exceptional Services” by the President is for me much more than an honorary distinction. It symbolises the fraternal bonds between us, as well as the bonds of mutual respect. But I feel that this medal does not belong solely to me. It belongs to the countless daily heroes from Greece and Cyprus who wage a battle against childhood cancer. It belongs to all those who, through their efforts, have contributed to our vision for creating a humane society. Because every small action to contribute can provide great hope for a better tomorrow to our fellow citizens”.

It should be noted that the “Medal for Exceptional Services” is one of the most important distinctions of the Republic of Cyprus, which is awarded to eminent figures with exceptional contribution to Greek Cypriots as well as to the Republic of Cyprus more generally.