The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens honored Mrs. Marianna V. Vardinoyannis for her offer to children with neoplastic diseases, to children of refugees and immigrants as well as to cultural and environmental protection, on a special event held on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 at the Great Hall of the University.

The event was opened with a speech by the Rector, Professor Athanasios-Meletios Dimopoulos. During his address, he said that “in today’s extremely difficult social and economic situation the State needs the offer from the Public University. However, this offer can be enhanced thanks to the support of prominent citizens.”

Then he briefly presented the work of Mrs Vardinoyannis: actions for children with neoplastic diseases, children of refugees and immigrants and the protection of the environment, and concluded noting: “The University of Athens, the State University, was and remains a spiritual beacon that illuminates with its educational, research and sociological work, the course of our nation, particularly in difficult times. The work of our University continues to be important for the development of Greek society and for the operation of the Greek State. This work selflessly serves all. This project, apart from the implicit support of the State, needs, even today, the contribution of citizens who are able to offer, like you do, so I thank you for your offer.”

The speech was then followed by the presentation in detail of the actions that have been developed for children with neoplastic diseases, children of refugees and immigrants and the protection of the environment by the Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs and International Relations, Professor Kostas Buraselis, the Associate Professor of Department of Medicine, former Director of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of the “Agia Sophia” Children’s Hospital and Scientific Director of the Volunteer Bone Marrow Donors Bank “ORAMA ELPIDAS” Dr. Stylianos Grafakos, the Assistant Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases of the Athens University at the “Agia Sophia” Children’s Hospital, Dr. Athanasios Mihos and the Chairman of the Department of Psychology and Director of the Center for Research and Application of School Psychology, Professor Chrysi Chatzichristou.

Mrs. Vardinoyannis received the honorary award for her contribution to all these actions. She expressed her emotion and stressed the obligation we all have as citizens to show our solidarity, to offer and to be the carriers of change, particularly for the young people.