Ahead of World Day against Cancer (February 4) the A.V.E.C. Foundation (Association pour la Vie-Espoir contre le Cancer) organized its annual event at the palace of Versailles in Paris: the 16th ceremony of “Prizes of the Paris Charter against Cancer “.

The ” Prizes of the Chart of Paris Against Cancer ” are the highest international distinction for the battle against cancer and awarded annually to personalities who through their constant action and their social work contribute significantly to the management of the disease and the protection of patients.

Host of the evening was the founder and President of A.V.E.C., Professor of Oncology, Mr. David Khayat, a leader of the Paris Charter and the global fight against the disease.

This year recipient of the “Grand Prize of the Paris Charter against Cancer» («Grand Prix de la Charte de Paris contre le cancer 2016») was Prince Masahito de Hitachi, brother of Akihito Japanese Emperor, Cancer majoring in molecular biology, Honorary President of «Japanese Foundation for cancer research», the largest research institute for cancer in his country, and he is known internationally for philanthropic activity.

The Awards were presented to the guests of honor, by the General Director of UNESCO, Ms. Irina Bokova, and the Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO, Mrs. Marianna V.. Vardinogiannis, which was also awarded the “Grand Prize of the Paris Charter against Cancer, on 2014.

Besides Prince Masahito de Hitachi awarded:

The Estee Lauder company for the global campaign against breast cancer. The Award was received by President of the Estee Lauder Companies, Jean-Christophe Jourde.

The businessman Bernard Magrez, for his support in Bergonie Institute and Research Center Foundation A.V.E.C.

The club «Le Coeur Vanessa», represented by the President Mrs. Annick Laurent, which is active in Savoy for fundraising subsequently offered in various social structures against cancer

The event for the 16th Anniversary of the signing of the “Charter of Paris against Cancer” was attended by famous scientists and researchers from around the world, international supporters of the combat against cancer, cancer agencies representatives, politicians, diplomats, businessmen and internationally renowned personalities who support the fight against cancer.

It is worth noting that the “Charter of Paris against Cancer” was written and signed in 2000 on the initiative of Professor David Khayat and under the auspices of the President of France Jacques Chirac, and of UNESCO. It is now an international convention for the promotion of research to combat and prevent disease, to upgrade the provided services – physical and psychological and social support, etc., for patients, for the the public awareness and the mobilization of international community against the disease that annually affects over 14 million people and causes about 8 million deaths worldwide!