The “Life & Style” magazine of Liberis Publications presented the annual “Women of the Year” awards, on Tuesday 10th of March 2011.

Mrs Marianna V. Vardinoyannis was among the distinguished women, who were honoured with the “Woman of the Year” award.

“Although her name, as the organisers announced, was not included in the list of the 142 “Women of the Year” nominees, the 95% of the readers filled her name in the list, under the special category “Life’s work”, expressing which woman they wish to honour this year. Some children see their third parent in Marianna Vardinoyannis’ face. Some mothers see the future of their children and the hope that they will grow up healthy in Marianna Vardinoyannis vision. This year, she achieved one more victory, not for herself but a victory in the name of these children: A huge work, a work for life: The first Children’s Oncology Hospital of Greece, a benefit of paramount importance, which was inaugurated last year and is already functioning”.

The symbolic statue that represents the “Women of the Year” award was presented to Mrs Vardinoyannis by the prominent cardio thoracic surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub.

Even if it was not the first time that was nominated as the “Woman of the Year”, in the heart of readers in particular, she was very touched to receive the award and addressed a greeting to the guests, saying: “I dedicate this award to the children that have recovered as well as those who we fight with to recover”.