Athens, 21 December 2020

Love and offering find their way under all conditions to warm people’s hearts. And on this year’s different Christmas for everyone, Mrs. Marianna V. Vardinoyannis had the desire to be close to those who are most in need: vulnerable groups, children, families affected by the pandemic.  

Through the Marianna V. Vardinoyannis Foundation, but also through the “ELPIDA Association of Friends of Children with Cancer” Mrs. Vardinoyannis undertook important initiatives to support vulnerable groups, with distributions of food, sanitary material, fuel and presents, to Metropolises, Districts, Municipalities, Institutions and Foundations.

Always putting Humans as a priority, Mrs. Vardinoyannis invited all via teleconference to wish them “Merry Christmas”, stressing with emotion that the pandemic may “prevent us from being close, but it does not prevent us from being together“.

“The holy days of Christmas have always been days of hope, love and social solidarity. These were days when we shared with you hope and joined forces so as our support to reach our vulnerable fellow human beings. The moments that I have shared with many of you, in the places where your important work is performed, never leave my mind. They always remain in my mind and heart and fill it with courage and strength to continue my efforts and my struggle. And this year, although I would very much like to visit you and hold your hand, to wish you, our children and our fellow human beings, the pandemic that affects humanity and has changed the lives of all of us, prevents us from being close but not from being together”.

The heads of the institutions thanked Mrs. Vardinoyannis for her invaluable support and the important initiatives during these very difficult conditions.

The following are excerpts from the dialogue of Mrs. Vardinoyannis with each institution:

Metropolitan Symeon of Fthiotida: “Every poor family has found another member, Hope, thanks to your love! Because hope thanks to you, is not just an idea or a virtue, hope has a face. It has your own face”. 

Father Emmanuel (representative of the Holy Diocese of Lambi, Syvritos and Sfakia): “I would like to thank you for supporting our Diocese for many years now, because you love this place very much. Have a great Holiday with the expectation that we will overcome the difficulties of the days we are experiencing”.

Father George Zorzos (representative of the Metropolis of Nikaia): “We thank you very much for supporting this great work of Love for so many years. Thank you because you are both an assistant and a supporter and you do not forget us “.

Fotis Vlachos, President of the “Makistia Association of Athens”: “We met Mrs. Marianna in 2007 when Makistos experienced a holocaust. Then she came and built a whole new village for us. Thus, we can live there again and hope for tomorrow. She did not only build our village then, but she is still by our side today. And she cares about Makistos. A big thank you again”.

Yannis Maronitis, President of the Club for UNESCO Piraeus and Islands: “If we had to describe her with one word, this would be Greek with a capital G. A Greek woman who inspires us and opens bright paths for us to create. A very big thank you for this woman”.

George Panagopoulos, Mayor of Salamis: “A breath-taking project has begun, the expansion of the Health Center of Salamina which is done with the kind sponsorship and donation of Mrs. Vardinoyannis. A project that saves and will save lives and that will always be there because of you”.

George Thomakos, Mayor of Kifissia: “You are next to the families in need of our Municipality. Your timeless offer takes place every year and families are waiting for it with anticipation”.

Ioannis Georgopoulos, Mayor of Ermioni: “We have the privilege of being in the place where you were born. The children of Ermionida and all the citizens thank you from the bottom of their souls for everything you have done and are doing for our place”.

Christos Stathis, Mayor of Mandra: “New Mandra, thanks to your help, is trying to turn the page. People are now complacent. Thank you for what you did for our place”.

George Antonopoulos, Deputy Mayor of Social Policy of the Municipality of Fili: “I would like to thank you for the work you have offered to our Municipality. Our children have an open invitation for you to visit them when all this is over “.

Costas Agorastos, Thessaly Regional Governor: “2021 will be a difficult year but your presence and your interest bring hope to our society, that there are people who care, love, not in words but also in works”.

Vera Zervou, President of the Kefalonia Orphanage: “During the very difficult period when the IANOS storm hit Kefalonia, you were by our side. You gave us light in dark moments. Our children shone with your help. Thank you for giving beauty, hope and optimism to our world. You unite the goodness that embraces our planet like a golden thread”.

Stavros Lykoudis, Board Member of the Association of Persons with Disabilities “YPERION” in Lixouri, Kefalonia: “We want to thank you for your great contribution to the difficult moment that Kefalonia experienced last September. And when the conditions allow, you should come to Kefalonia and see for yourself how much your great contribution has made a difference”.

Mrs. Vardinoyannis assured them that she will remain by their side and wished them health and strength in their work.