Once again, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mrs Marianna V. Vardinoyannis opened her embrace for the residents of Mandra, when she visited Mandra, Attica, on Thursday, 19 December 2019.

Early in the morning, Mrs Vardinoyannis visited the 2nd Nursery School of Mandra, which had been fully renovated by Motor Oil after the 2017 floods. Happy children’s voices singing ‘Jingle Bells’ welcomed Mrs Vardinoyannis in the bright and colourful nursery school.

“My dear children, I am very happy to be here with you today. I am truly touched by the fact that I am hearing your singing and laughter in this space today. Each happy sound is a hope for a better tomorrow. I wish you health, happiness, and every good thing in the world,” Mrs Vardinoyannis told the children, and then shared a sweet Christmas story and lovingly handed out presents to them.

Mrs Vardinoyannis then visited Mrs Chrysoula Korovesi, whose home had been completely destroyed by the 2017 floods. The unfortunate woman at the time had actually managed to rescue her daughter and small grandchild from inside the flooded house all by herself. After the floods, Mrs Vardinoyannis had visited Mrs Korovesi, to give her strength and courage during the difficult times she was going through. To thank her, Mrs Korovesi had given her the only object she had managed to salvage from her home, a copy of the Bible. Ever since then, Mrs Vardinoyannis has been assisting Mrs Korovesi and her family.

Mrs Vardinoyannis’ visit closed with a visit to the Town Hall, where she talked at length with the Mayor of the city, Mr Christos Stathis, who briefed her in detail about the City’s problems, and she committed to giving the residents her full support.