Following an invitation by the First lady of Egypt Suzanne Mubarak, founder and President of the “Suzanne Mubarak Women’s International Peace Movement”, personalities from all over the world were assembled in May 2005 in Cairo for a great and sacred aim: to help the children of Palestine, the victims of violence and war.

The official philanthropic dinner was organized by the Movement in collaboration with the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.

The main speakers of the event were Mrs Suzanne Mubarak and the actor Richard Gere, who spoke on the contribution of women to the promotion of Peace.

Mrs Mubarak presented the guests with the action plans of the Movement and focused her speech on the main aim of the event, i.e. the urgent need for help to the orphan children of Palestine as well as the need of constructing schools and care and rehabilitation centres for the children, who are the tragic victims of violence and war.

As Mrs Mubarak explained, last December, the in collaboration with the International Alliance “Women defending Peace”, decided to send their members for a mission in Palestine with the aim to provide support and help. The result of this visit was the demand by the women of Palestine for protection and aid of the children who suffered the consequences of destruction and live in conditions of poverty, deprival and terror.

Many people from all over the world responded to this call of help by the “Women’s International Peace Movement – Suzanne Mubarak”.

Among those, there were the businessman Mr Vardis Vardinoyannis and his wife Mrs Marianna Vardinoyannis, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and member of the Board of Trustees of the “Women’s International Peace Movement, the Piraeus Bank and the President of Dreamworks Corp. Europe, Mr Fivos Moridis.

The famous Argentinean musician, Raul Di Blasio with his orchestra, were also a part of the success of the official dinner and with their exceptional interpretation, they contributed to the fight of the Women’s International Peace Movement in their own wonderful and unique artistic way.

The following day, the annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Women’s International Peace Movement was realised in Cairo, during which the organisation of an international Conference in Athens was decided, having as a topic the fight against the exploitation and trafficking of children, as well as the organisation of a charity gala for collecting money which will be offered to the Movement’s Programme for the protection of children in those countries where the phenomenon of exploitation is particularly intense.

Furthermore, the members of the Board of Trustees of the Movement proposed to Mr Richard Gere, who is activated in international humanitarian programmes for the past 15 years, to become a member of the Advisory Board of the Movement; a proposal which he accepted with particular delight.

After the end of Meeting Mrs Vardinoyannis proposed to Mr Gere to come to Athens to be one of the main speakers of the Conference which will take place here. He promptly accepted the proposal, pointing out that it is a great honour for him to participate in such an important Conference and speak on an issue in which he is particularly sensitive and constantly involved during his long-term social activity.