Participating in the World AIDS Day, which, in December 1997, was devoted to the children with the tragic fate to be born with AIDS, the “Foundation for the Child and the Family” turned its attention to the Greek children victims of the scourge of our century, undertaking their care for the following year, appealing to governmental and non-governmental institutions, as well as to every citizen, to intensify the fight against AIDS and its prevention, as well as to an even broader fight aiming at the recognition of the rights of the child, with the right to life and health being the priority.

As the President of the Foundation, Mrs Marianna Vardinoyannis, pointed out, in a brief address to the central event of the World AIDS Day, organised by the Centre for the Control of Special Diseases of the Ministry of Health: “if we do not all work together for a better world under a spirit of boldness and sacrifice, aiming at the child as our main recipient, we will all be responsible for the world we deliver to the next generations – a world without humanity which in no way can be called either “cultured” or “democratic”.