“Dostlug Order” Medal of Azerbaitzan (2018)

International Award of Nijami Ganjavi International Center (2018)

Athens Academy Award (2017)

Hellenic American Leadership Award  of “The Hellenic Initiative” (2017)

“Gold Cross with Gold Laurel Branch” medal of the “Hellenic Red Cross” (2017)

Medal of Honor and Distinction of Palestine (2017)

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens Award (2016)

Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (2016)

Athens Medical Association Award (2016)

Honorary Member of the Hellenic Coast Guard Club (2016)

“Ripple of Hope Award” of “Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights” Foundation (2015)

Officer of the Legion of Honour of French Republic (2015)

“Mother Teresa Medal” of the Albanian Republic (2015)

Medal of Excellence at the Tbilisi State University of Georgia (2015)

Grand Prix de la Charte de Paris contre le cancer-AVEC (2014)

Maria West Lifetime Achievement Award -American College of Greece ACG (2014)

Excellence and Solidarity Award –Greek National Olympic Academy (2014)

Award of the Hellenic Sports Federation for persons with disabilities (2014)

Nizami Ganjavi International Award (2013)

Pro Bono Humanum – Prix Galien Greece (2013)

Award of the Society of Culture, Science and Social Intervention (2012)

Award of IRITEL (International Research Institute for Telemedicine and Home Care (2012)

Award of the “Athanasios Botsis Foundation” (2012)

“Excellence in Philanthropy” Award of the Global Thinkers Forum (2012)

Award of the Pancretan Association of Athens (2011)

Award of the American Hellenic Institute (2011)

Medal of the Hellenic Olympic Academy (2011)

“Excellence Award for Social Contribution” of the European Council for Youth Mobility in Research and Technology (2011)

Excellence in Solidarity Award of the European Institute of Law, Science and Technology (2011)

Honorary Distinction of the “Panathinaiki” Panhellenic Womens Organisation (2010)

Honorary Distinction of the “Nea Pedia” Schools (2010)

Honorary Distinction of “Pisti” Association of Parents and Guardians of Children with Neoplastic Diseases (2009)

Honorary Distinction of the Hellenic Society of Haematology (2009)

Office of the Great Lady of the Patriarchal Throne of St. Mark (Patriarchate of Alexandria, 2008)

UNICEF Award (2008)

Award of the Ecumenical Hellenism Organisation (2008)

Honorary Distinction of the Special Olympics International (2008)

Medal of the International “Association of the Friends of Bibliotheca Alexandrina” (2007)

Chevalier of the Legion d’ Honneur of the French Republic (2006)

Award of the “Hatzikyriakio Foundation for Child Protection” (2005)

of the Hellenic Republic (2002)

Honorary Distinction by “Demokritos” Research Centre (2002)

Honorary Citizen of the Municipality of Ano Liossia (2001)

Honorary Member of the Club UNESCO of Attica (2000)

Special Award by the Association of Greek Olympic Champions (1998)

Athens Academy Award (1997)

Honorary Distinction by the Municipality of Thessaloniki (1997)

Honorary Distinction by the 251 General Hospital of the Hellenic Air Force (1997)

Award of the Rotary Club of Western Attica(1997)

“Woman of Europe” with the mission of promoting the international summit meetings for the protection of human rights and especially the children’s (1996)

“Gold Medal of Honour and Benefaction” of the Municipality of Athens. (1996)

Award of the LIONS Club of Greece (1996)

Award of the Soroptimistic Union of Greece (1996)

Honorary Distinction of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Greece (1996)

Honorary Citizen of the Municipality of Ermioni (1996)

Award of Culture and Education of Club UNESCO Dodecanese (1996)

“Honour of Rethymno City” Distinction (1996)

Paul Harris Fellow Award of Rotary International (1995)

Award of the Rotary Club of Western Attica (1995-96)

Award of the Rotary Club of Glyfada (1995-96)

Award of the Rotary Club of Kifissia (1995-96)

Award of the Panhellenic Association of Volunteers and Blood Donors, of the Greek Ministry of Health, Social Welfare and Social Security (1995)

Red Cross Award (1995)

International Humanitarian Award (USA, 1987)