In May 2012, through an initiative of the Founder of Nasioutzik Museum, Mr. George Nasioutzik, a group exhibition of 32 distinguished visual artists was organized at Nasioutzik Museum, in support of the work carried out by the Association of Friends of Children with cancer “ELPIDA”.Although this is not the first time that visual artists have expressed their sensitivity and offered their work as hope and relief for our suffering fellow citizens, neither is it the first time that this expression of love and solidarity has been addressed at “ELPIDA” Association, this particular exhibition of artwork within the atmospheric halls of the Museum, with its stylish lighting and subtle aesthetic atmosphere, was particularly special and extremely impressive.

The visual artists participating in the exhibition with works being presented for the first time were: Antonis Apergis, Panos Valsamakis, Afrodite Valsamaki, Cleopatra Varveropoulou, Myrsini Vardopoulou, Andreas Georgiadis, Miltos Golemas, Yannis Gourzis, Giorgos Drizos, Kostas Evangelatos, Petros Zoumpoulakis, Roza Iliou, Thodoros, Maro Kontou, Dimitris Koukos, Spyros Koursaris, Tzeni Markaki, Natalia Mela, Fani Michailidou, Akis Oulkeroglou, Thodoros Papayannis, Shanna Papadimou, Aspasia Papadoperaki, Manto Papaioannou, Altin Patselis, Evgenios Spatharis, Kostas Spyriounis, Giorgos Stathopoulos, Praxitelis Tzanoulinos, Emmanouela Tsagkari, Anta Tsiropoulou and Dimitris Christoyannis.

Almost 2,000 guests responded to the organizer’s’ invitation and attended the opening of the exhibition.

The imposing stone halls, that have at times hosted very important visual art exhibitions and cultural events, along with the reception areas and gardens, were filled with art enthusiasts and friends of “ELPIDA” Association.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the President of “ELPIDA” Association, Mrs. Marianna V. Vardinoyannis, who was deeply touched and in her brief address said the following:

“I cannot find the words to thank Mr. George Nasioutzik enough for his continuous assistance, generosity and contribution to the work of “ELPIDA” for 11 consecutive years. “Nasioutzik Museum” has been linked to moments of joy for hundreds of children, not only from “ELPIDA”, but also from other foundations in Attica. These moments have been offered to us by Mr. Nasioutzik through the events that he has organized and hosted for us.

“Today’s event fills us with even more hope, giving us greater strength to continue our work and go forward with the plans we have set. Through these plans we aim to offer our country healthcare services for the treatment of childhood cancer, inter alia, which do not yet exist in Greece…

“The first of these plans is the establishment of a Bone Marrow Donor Bank at our Oncology Hospital. This Bank will provide relief to hundreds of families looking for a compatible bone marrow transplant for their children, who have had to appeal to foreign transplant banks until now, at a huge economic cost. We are determined to put an end to this. Despite the economic crisis, the ominous forecasts and the insecurity of tomorrow, the Association of Friends of Children with cancer “ELPIDA” is fighting by the side of the children and their parents. And events such as this one today fill us with great strength, encouragement and courage.

“The artists who are with us today honour us with their presence and participation. And with them we share a hope for the children’’s future. Their contribution to our work expresses their deep sensitivity and humanitarian spirit. I thank each one of them deeply. Thanks to their generosity, these wonderful pieces in the exhibition today will always remain linked to our great struggle, and also with the ideals of social culture, humanism, love and giving.

“I would particularly like to thank Mrs. Shanna Papadimou who accepted our invitation to take part for the first time in a group exhibition for “ELPIDA”, kindly offering 3 of her works of art as a donation to our efforts.

“Another very kind gesture was that of sculptor Thodoros who offered 2 of his sculptures for “ELPIDA”; he has our immense gratitude.

“I must also deeply thank the curator of the exhibition Mr. Kostas Spyriounis and Mr. Nikos Nasioutzik for the enthusiasm with which they have worked on this exhibition.

“Finally, I would like to warmly thank all of you for being here today. Your presence is particularly important for us since you are those who support our struggle and share our vision…”

Concluding her speech and wishing to express the gratitude of “ELPIDA” Association to Mr. George Nasioutzik not only in words but also symbolically, Mrs. Vardinoyannis presented him with an honorary diploma on behalf of the Association.

Upon receiving the diploma, and after thanking her, Mr. Nasioutzik stated that it is an honour for him to be able to contribute in the slightest to the great work carried out by “ELPIDA” Association and by Mrs. Vardinoyannis, whom he characterized as a “great lady of Greece”, pointing out that if our country had two or three more ladies such as Mrs. Vardinoyannis, with her great contribution and the wonderful way she offers her love, then Greece would be a completely different country.

Apart from the artists who were present at the event, those attending also included the former Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Loukas Papadimos and his wife Shanna, the Head of GEETHA (Hellenic National Defence General Staff), General Michail Kostarakos and his wife, the Mayor of Papagos-Cholargos, Mr. Vasilios Xydis, the Mayor of Spata, Mr. Christos Markou, Mrs. Maria Georgiou, Mrs. Alexia Antsakli-Vardinoyannis, the President of GEITONAS Schools, Mr. Lefteris Geitonas, the Director-General of McΑrthur Glen Greece, Mr. Yannis Kasimatis, directors Takis Vougiouklakis and Manousos Manousakis, the members of ELPIDA, Ketty Filippidou, Vicky Filippou, Eleni Samara-Konstantakatou and her daughter Anastasia, Kate Voutsela, Melina Daskalaki, Christina Tsatsaki, Dina Pritsiveli, Becky Stravelaki, Aspa Gyftopoulou, Anna Panagiotarea, Epi Nikolakopoulou, Anna Panagopoulou, journalist Christina Lampiri and her husband Mr. Thanasis Adamopoulos, Mr. Theodoros Voukidis, Mr. Antonis Anastasopoulos with Prof. Petra Andriotaki, soprano Anastasia Zanni, actor Kostas Prekas and more.