Two days before Christmas 2011, at the Cultural Centre of Nikaia, his Eminence Alexios Metropolitan of Nikaia, organized a special event in order to provide food to approximately 2000 needy people in the area. The UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Mrs. Marianna V. Vardinoyannis, who has been the main food donor for many years, felt the need to stand by his side once again and join her wishes with his.

His Eminence welcomed Mrs. Vardinoyannis with the following words: “I would like to send my love to you all and to Mrs. Marianna V. Vardinoyannis, who today has filled us with joy. She is always with us, thinking of us and sending us so many things, which you receive and I extend your gratitude for. May you have the blessings of Christ and the Virgin Mary and our wishes that she may support you and provide health to you and your family, since you are so valuable. Merry Christmas to your kind husband and children also, and may he look after you so that you can offer this great work to Greece and the whole world. May you forever be blessed”.

After thanking him for his kind words and wishes, Mrs. Vardinoyannis made a brief address stating the following: “All these years that I have known you, I have admired you greatly for doing God’s work and feel particularly honoured to be able to contribute to it even in the slightest. This year in particular, at these critical times for our country, with more and more of our fellow citizens suffering, your initiatives have become more vital than ever. I hope that the message of love and humanism you are sending through your work, which proves that social solidarity is a duty and obligation of all, will reach a large number of recipients and be imitated by many. I am here beside you to declare my unwavering support for your work, and to add my own wishes to yours, for a better future, for a new year that will bring people health and the hope of a better life. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to all!”

Next, Father Georgios Zorzos, gave his wishes to Mrs. Vardinoyannis by saying: “This Christmas, Christ will find a safe refuge to be born in your heart also, that is filled with such warmth, offering you health and strength for the work you are doing”.